It’s been a pleasure working with Glide GBS Real Estate Marketing. Their insights on SEO enabled us to really set the foundation for my real estate blog and understand how to optimize my content. I greatly appreciated the fact that Glide didn’t simply hand me a “laundry list” of tasks, but rather took the lead on the project and completely set up and implemented everything properly to ensure we achieve our SEO goals, and just asked me to review along the way!

There is no way I would have sat down and created all the community content that drives the traffic to my site. Especially not in an optimized way that the search engines almost immediately recognized.

Within a month I started getting leads from nowhere. I’ve tried maybe a dozen other websites over my 15 years in real estate and never had such a great experience. The personal service you get is just fantastic.

My marketing is no longer a worry for me because I know they have every aspect of it covered.

Nancy Henry